Moses: Intercession in arguing with God

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The topic is intercession, as in a form of prayer.  It is a form of prayer found active in the very life and mission of Jesus of Nazareth himself, both in His call to be savior, as well as in his daily ministries to the people of God.
But let’s review.  Beginning with the topic of prayer itself, we understand prayer to be a term defining both the overarching concept and practice of worship (“our prayer service”), and of that more focused action and even discipline of asking God for something (“we’d better pray about that”).   Or even asking someone else, like a human being, for something.  That would be the origin of the word “prayer” itself.  So you might here in Elizabethan language, “Pray thee, cease thy incessant chattering.”  It is a request.
Middle English: from Old French preiere,
based on Latin precarius ‘obtained by entreaty,’ from prex, prec- ‘prayer.’
When we use that origin of the word, and then look back into the scriptures with it to see if it is there, we of course find humans entreating God all the time.  So many times, though, that voicing of a request on the part of the human is intertwined with a response from God.  And that includes those moments then it is GOD who initiates a conversation, and the earth-bound human’s prayers follow in reply.
We can also say that the best practice of making our requests, our prayers, is when they are informed requests.   Being informed in this context means knowing who God is.
late 16th century: from French intercéder or Latin intercedere ‘intervene,’ from inter-‘between’ + cedere ‘go.’

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