295466_original2014-06-24 15.52.30     Welcome to Harmony Bible Radio




[updated, 7-2016]

Harmony Bible is an ecumenical cooperative ministry. As a community we are committed to Jesus and we are intent about studying the Gospel and sharing the Good News. Go to http://www.Harmonybible.coop to get all the details.   One of our resources is a weekly podcast (which started as a live radio broadcast) we call Harmony Bible Radio that is available for listening at harmonybible.coop, and through Tune-in, and SoundCloud. You may listen to the Harmony Bible Radio Broadcast without becoming a member.

We are now (7/2016) finishing two years worth of a study of the Gospels “in harmony” which is an ancient technique of laying the gospels side by side to read and compare.  Our podcasts are aimed at the teacher or small group leader to help facilitate a group’s study and reflection, but they are thoughtful and stimulating conversations for any one student of the bible.

In the photo:  Greg Troxell and Fr. Rob Eaton at the Salinas, CA  radio station KKMC.


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