Agnus Dei (O Lamb of God) – Eaton

[updated, 7-2016]

This piece was written first in 1979 as part of a complete Guitar Eucharist, as commissioned for Church of the Resurrection, Eugene, OR. It was updated in 1985 and used with organ and choir at my ordination to the priesthood. There is a video of its performance at that time. It has been used variously since then. In 2014, I introduced it to St James, Paso Robles, with a revised accompaniment for piano copied out by Betsy Breckow. So it has been used successfully as both a simple melody with guitar, with or without keyboard, and with layering harmonies with or without guitar, and keyboard.  It was last used in worship at St. Dunstan’s, San Diego, both in a simple form of melody only during Advent of 2015, and then with full choir, full arrangement, and keyboard on the last Sunday of Easter, 2016.  My gratitude to Greg Funk and the choir there.

agnus dei, melody

And the full piece with keyboard accompaniment:

agnus dei page 1 accomp brekow
agnus dei page 2 accomp brekow


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