Exsultet and other Easter material

Victorious God: The Exsultet in a New Way

Doing research on the Exsultet, which I love to sing,  an online article and piece of music popped up, along with a description of the Book of Common Prayer and the printed Exsultet as muse for a new song.  It is written by Glenn Packiam – a non-denominational pastor – and a collaborator, who are not Episcopal nor otherwise Anglican, which underscores the previous April 15th post on the BCP and Evangelicals. The article, which can be accessed here,


includes all the words to the new song, “Victorious God.”  It  also includes the first three paragraphs of the Exsultet text (at least the text as it is printed in the Book of Common Prayer).  You’ll find below the Exsultet recorded from the Great Vigil service at St. John’s, Roseville, many years ago. In the meantime, here’s the song, Victorious God:

The Great Vigil, the Exsultet, and other Orthodox Pascha music

In the following audio file you will hear a series of Easter (Pascha) chant and antiphons put together for the Prayer Book Easter Vigil liturgy making use of a particular but fairly well-recognized Russian Orthodox music. As you can imagine, it is a 17 MB file.  I’ve condensed it from a 35 MB file, so it will sound a little “phasey” in places.

The orthodox sequence for resurrection (pascha)  (a wma file)

The Exsutet is heard first, sung by me (we did not record the three Paschal Candle stations of “The Light of Christ”.  The you will hear Easter troparion, versicles (sung by the clergy, with me included), and choir anthems that are part of the Orthodox service.  You will hear a Minor Litany, as well, led by the Rector in 1981.

Here’s the 35 MB Mp3 file of the same.


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